Dave Sabat DCH DHP GHR (Reg), Hypnotherapist & Hypnotist.
Dave Sabat is a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist who aims to help clients bring about a rapid, positive, beneficial change to the way they think, feel and behave.

Dave studied and qualified with The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis at King's College in London and has been a full-time Hypnotherapist since beginning his journey in to the world of hypnotherapy.

Whilst the quality of training enables an understanding of techniques & methods and a Recognised Diploma is a sign of competence, without doubt, experience is the best teacher. Dave Sabat now has a four figure amount of individual client hours worth of "real world" experience and has helped people overcome hundreds of different issues.

Dave believes that virtually everyone on the planet is capable of letting go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours more easily than they think. When we are children we believe we can accomplish anything, be anything and it's only life's "gunge" i.e. "Don't do can't do that.......etc" that covers up the bright spark of optimism and achievement, the "I can" belief, that everyone still has within them.

How does this help you?
Well, if life is not a rehearsal then that means at this very moment you are living your life performance. Don't spend years re-learning how to live, how about a bit of quick but profound advice and insight passed on from the wings of life's stage?

Dave works as quickly as he can to ensure that the beneficial, effective changes that you desire could be made in the minimum number of sessions. Dave has many new clients being referred by existing ones, and a professional, ethical and confidential service is offered at all times. Your GP may refer you to this practice, NHS provider code available on request.