Hypnotherapy in Watford

Dave Sabat, DCH DHP GHR (Reg) of Exuberance Clinical Hypnotherapy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who guarantees an ethical, confidential & professional service at all times.

Dave’s formal training with The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis at Kings College in London, which is recognised as one of the UK's foremost training colleges for Clinical Hypnotherapists adds to his experience which has been built on many thousands of hours of client sessions, self-study and continual personal development. He works as quickly as he can to ensure that the beneficial, effective changes that you desire could be made in the minimum number of sessions.
If you could let go of unwanted feelings, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve any useful purpose today, would you?
Do you want to achieve beneficial, quick changes to the quality of your life?
Clinical Hypnosis could greatly assist you with the following:
Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Physical Pain
Drug Habits
Emotional Pain
Binge Drinking
Inner Peace
Fears & Phobias
Public Speaking
Relationship Issues
Panic Attacks
Unwanted Habits
Sports Performance
Children's Issues
Personal Growth
and much more...call Dave now to discuss your unique situation, 01923 675000.